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Note Card Cafe is a delightful brand that specializes in high-quality, beautifully designed note cards and stationery products. With a focus on creativity, elegance, and personal expression, Note Card Cafe offers a range of options to help individuals communicate their thoughts and sentiments in a stylish and heartfelt manner. Founded with a passion for the written word and a love for meaningful connections, Note Card Cafe has become a go-to destination for those seeking thoughtfully designed note cards for various occasions. Whether it's a heartfelt thank-you note, a warm birthday greeting, or a special message of love and appreciation, Note Card Cafe has the perfect card to convey your emotions. One of the standout features of Note Card Cafe is its commitment to quality and aesthetics. The brand takes pride in offering meticulously crafted note cards made from premium materials. Each card showcases beautiful designs, vibrant colors, and attention to detail, creating a visual feast for the eyes and making each card a cherished keepsake. Note Card Cafe offers a wide variety of designs and themes to suit every taste and occasion. From elegant floral patterns to whimsical illustrations, their collection provides options for all types of personalities and styles. Whether you prefer classic and timeless designs or modern and trendy aesthetics, Note Card Cafe has something to cater to your unique preferences. The brand's dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond their note cards. Note Card Cafe offers customizable options, allowing individuals to add their personal touch with custom text, names, or even photos. This feature makes each card truly special and tailored to the sender's intentions, fostering deeper connections and meaningful exchanges. Fun Fact: Did you know that Note Card Cafe is committed to eco-friendly practices? Their cards are printed on recycled paper using environmentally conscious printing techniques, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and responsible production. Whether you're sending a heartfelt message, expressing gratitude, or celebrating a special occasion, Note Card Cafe offers a delightful selection of note cards that inspire meaningful connections. Share your thoughts and emotions in style, and let the art of handwritten notes create lasting impressions with Note Card Cafe.

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How to get Note Card Cafe free shipping?

Note Card Cafe offers free shipping on orders over $50. However, there are a few exceptions, such as for oversized items or orders placed during certain promotions. You can check the Note Card Cafe website for more information about their shipping policy.


What is the Return Policy?

Note Card Cafe offers a 30-day return policy for all items. You can return items for a full refund, minus a restocking fee of 15%. To return an item, simply contact Note Card Cafe customer service and they will provide you with a return shipping label.


Does Note Card Cafe have any Military discounts?

Yes, Note Card Cafe offers a 10% discount for active and retired military personnel. To get this discount, simply enter your military ID number at checkout.


Can I find any discount for Students?

Yes, Note Card Cafe offers a 15% discount for students. To get this discount, simply enter your student ID number at checkout.


How Do I qualify for rebates?

Note Card Cafe does not offer rebates on any of their products.


Does Note Card Cafe provide discounts for newsletter subscribers?

Yes, Note Card Cafe offers a 10% discount to newsletter subscribers. To get this discount, simply sign up for the Note Card Cafe newsletter.